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Permaculture & Biodynamic Practices

Dry Aged

.√  NO vaccines, antibiotics or growth hormones

√   NO chemical herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides,     fungicides or wormers on the land or the animals

√   NO grains for ruminant animals (cattle)
√   Fly contol is accomplished thru rotational grazing    & enhancing the correct environment for Dung Beetles

We have been managing our land & animals using permaculture, organic, & biodynamic practices since 2005.

These practices lead us to use a holistic approach in decision making. Our goal is to increase fertility and sustainability by limiting inputs.  Using what is available on the farm efficiently.  

The animals stay on one farm thier entire lives. Born on the land, graze and then to your hands. 
Rotational g
razing of our pastures is utilized for the health of the land & the animals providing them access to grass, browse (shrubs, trees, & vines), forbes & high legume pastures as they would have to eat in the wild.

The cattle have access to Redmond Real Salt. An unrefined sea salt with 50+ trace minerals.

Grassland Oasis Animals

For more information about why we are doing what we do, please watch these documentaries.

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